It’s Sunday morning again and I’m looking on Instagram for fancy, ketogenic, recipes. Because if I like t do something on Sundays, then it is food . I came across the following recipe. Ketogenic subway keto. A ketogenic recipe of the extra class!

Here is more information about the ketogenic diet

Here is the whole post incl. Recipe for you:

“A new creation has gone through my head again, which of course I do not want to withhold from you. The story is actually a small one: you probably know the “2-ingredient pancakes” from banana and egg (I love bananas, but if you have something non-sweet, that’s just the wrong thing). So I decided to change the ingredient and have it with – Attention now! AVOCADO tasted – delicious! And looks interesting too!

In addition a delicious herbal quark with various vegetables and fried onions deliciously delicious that is shared in this article

That’s how it works:

Ingredients and preparation:

  • 1 avocado
  • some milk or water
  • 2 eggs – size M
  • different herbs

Purée everything and fry 1 tbsp in a pan for each pancake. “

For baking, I recommend you oil mill organic coconut oil .

So, have fun cooking and let it taste you!

I wish you a nice sunday and a powerful start in the week!

Ketogenes subway keto. Eat something?

A ketogenic breakfast – that means a complete breakfast without carbohydrates. Dast that possible? Yes! It is primarily about not only to structure his ketogenic breakfast low in carbohydrates, but also in the course of a ketogenic diet not to forget the Poteinzufur.

First of all, be aware of how your breakfast behavior has looked so far: toasted bread, cereal, corn flakes, and something sweetened to drink … Many people might be surprised how many carbohydrates such a breakfast stick contains. In addition to the clear (sweet food and drinks), the carbohydrates hide in foods such as whole milk (eg for the morning coffee) or yogurt.

Here you can find more information about the ketogenic diet:

Ketogenes breakfast without carbohydrates. Is that possible?

Toast with butter and jam or honey – yummy! But logically, it does not have too much to do with a ketogenic breakfast. Unless you would like to cite it as a negative example.

First of all, do not pay attention to what you have to do without breakfast during the ketogenic diet. Instead, focus on what you are allowed to eat.

I do it like this: My ketogenes breakfast consists of food without carbohydrates – when drinking but I treat myself an exception. There are, for example, scrambled eggs with tomato and ham, which you could already perform as a ketogenic breakfast. But there is coffee for me with some whole milk and sugar, during the morning sometimes two.

It is important to know what nutrients are in your breakfast at all. Many people do not know in which foods how much protein, fat or even carbohydrates are contained. Of course, this basic knowledge is elementary. For the ketogenic diet is not counting the calories. More specifically, it is important to know which foods are suitable for ketogenic breakfast without carbohydrates at all.

Here you will find next to the ideal ketogenic breakfast also ketogenes lunch, ketogenes dinner, and ketogenic snacks

Lots of fat and protein

For example, it is the case with chicken eggs that this is logically a good source of protein. That’s how many ketogenic breakfast recipes can be created, quite clearly. However, you should be a bit careful, because the main source of energy here is not protein, but the fat from the yolk.

It’s not easy, because pretty much everything that we usually have in this country has a lot of carbohydrates.

My ketogenic breakfast consists mainly of:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Fruit
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Vegetables
  • A nut mixture as a muesli set