It might appear as though such an easy buy, and you may assume that “it is very easy to buy the best toilet in the market” anyway you need to consider a lot of significant things before you choose a great toilet. Picking the right type of toilet is very important, especially if you live with a large family and washroom is shared. There are a few elements to think about beside shading and the cost of the toilet; measurements, bowl shape, tallness, structure, and usefulness contrast from chest to cabinet. Being acquainted with the factors will guarantee that you are going to buy the right form of toilet.

Rough-in measurement for a better choice

The measurement from the wall to the mid of the bowl is considered to be rough in size. It is important to measure because when you are constructing a new home, you might purchase a wrong sized toilet which is quite different from the base structure of your washroom.

In most cases, the rough in size is 12 inches, despite the fact that it’s normal for more established houses to have an uncommon size, for example, 10″ or 14″. It does not really matter what size you are installing unless you have space constraints. If you have limited space, you should be sure that you are buying the toilet that would adjust at your place. Similarly, it is important to measure the size before you select the toilet otherwise you might buy the wrong size and the only option left would be to change the toilet piece.

When estimating, you should gauge from the completed divider – not from the baseboard or trim. A well-estimated rough in will prevent you from making superfluous alterations or changing the toilet. On the off chance that you aren’t ready to see the focal point of the channel (for example you as of now have a toilet set up), measure from the divider to the focal point of the jolt tops. There are typically two jolt tops, one on either side of the toilet.

Installing wall hung toilets in limited space is also a great idea because it reduces the space required. You can easily manage to install the tank inside wall and drainage as well. Wall hung toilets are installed in most modern homes, as these do not only make the washroom more spacious but also look trendy.

Bowls: Round vs Elongated

Best toilet bowls usually are present in two distinct shapes. Standard shape is the round shape of bowl, and when you have limited space in your washroom, you should make sure that you are installing this round shaped bowl only because this would be adjusted in limited space as compared to the elongated bowls. Stretched or the elongated ones are commonly larger from the front side. In situations where you are interested to buy prolonged bowl, it is important to correctly measure the space to guarantee that the elongated front end won’t meddle with any other thing present in your washroom.

Bowl Tallness

It is important to measure the ball tallness because this will be suggesting the overall length of the toilet seat. If the washroom is being shared by different family members, you should be very considerate about the bowl height while making the purchase because a very tall bowl might not be suitable for shorter person. The bowl tallness of a standard toilet normally falls somewhere in the range of 14 to 16 inches.

Structure and shapes of Toilets

Two-piece products

Normally, all the new houses install two piece toilet because these are not only easy to clean but these would be repaired on a very low cost as compared to the other toilets. Two-piece toilet is usually easier to replace because you are required to replace only one piece and not the whole unit. This makes it quite easier for you to change your toilet without bearing the cost of full toilet seat. These two pieces of these toilets are joined with two bolts which are covered with bolt caps.

One-piece product

This are installed where you do not want to put much labor efforts. You can simply install the single unit without worrying about attaching the tank. The limitation of this type of toilet is that you cannot go creative with the structure and you would have to install the unit as it is bought from the company.

Corner toilets

Washrooms with limited space and unusual dimensions are preferred to have corner toilets. These toilets are especially designed to be installed in washrooms in a corner. These toilets save space of your washroom thus allowing you to have more things in your washroom.

Rear Outlet toilets

This depends on the drainage network in your home, that what type of toilet would go perfect for you. In some house’s drainage pipes are spread through walls and in some houses, these are spread through floors only. In order to install the best toilet in your house, you should make sure that what type of drainage network is installed in your house.

High tank toilets

If you want to enjoy a traditional look and all other things in your washroom represent that taste of yours, you can install high tank toilets in your washroom. These toilets have a very high tank installed which are usually operated through pull down technology, thus providing you with a true vintage experience.