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Variety of things to consider while buying toilets

It might appear as though such an easy buy, and you may assume that “it is very easy to buy the best toilet in the market” anyway you need to consider a lot of significant things before you choose a great toilet. Picking the right type of toilet is very important, especially if you live with a large family and washroom is shared. There are a few elements to think about beside shading and the cost of the toilet; measurements, bowl shape, tallness, structure, and usefulness contrast from chest to cabinet. Being acquainted with the factors will guarantee that you are going to buy the right form of toilet.

Rough-in measurement for a better choice

The measurement from the wall to the mid of the bowl is considered to be rough in size. It is important to measure because when you are constructing a new home, you might purchase a wrong sized toilet which is quite different from the base structure of your washroom.

In most cases, the rough in size is 12 inches, despite the fact that it’s normal for more established houses to have an uncommon size, for example, 10″ or 14″. It does not really matter what size you are installing unless you have space constraints. If you have limited space, you should be sure that you are buying the toilet that would adjust at your place. Similarly, it is important to measure the size before you select the toilet otherwise you might buy the wrong size and the only option left would be to change the toilet piece.

When estimating, you should gauge from the completed divider – not from the baseboard or trim. A well-estimated rough in will prevent you from making superfluous alterations or changing the toilet. On the off chance that you aren’t ready to see the focal point of the channel (for example you as of now have a toilet set up), measure from the divider to the focal point of the jolt tops. There are typically two jolt tops, one on either side of the toilet.

Installing wall hung toilets in limited space is also a great idea because it reduces the space required. You can easily manage to install the tank inside wall and drainage as well. Wall hung toilets are installed in most modern homes, as these do not only make the washroom more spacious but also look trendy.

Bowls: Round vs Elongated

Best toilet bowls usually are present in two distinct shapes. Standard shape is the round shape of bowl, and when you have limited space in your washroom, you should make sure that you are installing this round shaped bowl only because this would be adjusted in limited space as compared to the elongated bowls. Stretched or the elongated ones are commonly larger from the front side. In situations where you are interested to buy prolonged bowl, it is important to correctly measure the space to guarantee that the elongated front end won’t meddle with any other thing present in your washroom.

Bowl Tallness

It is important to measure the ball tallness because this will be suggesting the overall length of the toilet seat. If the washroom is being shared by different family members, you should be very considerate about the bowl height while making the purchase because a very tall bowl might not be suitable for shorter person. The bowl tallness of a standard toilet normally falls somewhere in the range of 14 to 16 inches.

Structure and shapes of Toilets

Two-piece products

Normally, all the new houses install two piece toilet because these are not only easy to clean but these would be repaired on a very low cost as compared to the other toilets. Two-piece toilet is usually easier to replace because you are required to replace only one piece and not the whole unit. This makes it quite easier for you to change your toilet without bearing the cost of full toilet seat. These two pieces of these toilets are joined with two bolts which are covered with bolt caps.

One-piece product

This are installed where you do not want to put much labor efforts. You can simply install the single unit without worrying about attaching the tank. The limitation of this type of toilet is that you cannot go creative with the structure and you would have to install the unit as it is bought from the company.

Corner toilets

Washrooms with limited space and unusual dimensions are preferred to have corner toilets. These toilets are especially designed to be installed in washrooms in a corner. These toilets save space of your washroom thus allowing you to have more things in your washroom.

Rear Outlet toilets

This depends on the drainage network in your home, that what type of toilet would go perfect for you. In some house’s drainage pipes are spread through walls and in some houses, these are spread through floors only. In order to install the best toilet in your house, you should make sure that what type of drainage network is installed in your house.

High tank toilets

If you want to enjoy a traditional look and all other things in your washroom represent that taste of yours, you can install high tank toilets in your washroom. These toilets have a very high tank installed which are usually operated through pull down technology, thus providing you with a true vintage experience.

How to choose the best car cover?

Buying a car cover is among the very challenging decisions that car owners make. That is because there are various things that one should consider to Without the essential tips, you will not know which is the best rv cover to buy. Many people have bought unworthy car covers because they do not take time to research about the car cover buying guide. Therefore if you have been inquiring about the best tips for choosing a car cover for your vehicle, you do not need to worry anymore. That is because this article will give you all the tips you need to know. Avoid spending your money on poor quality covers that do not protect your car. There are several benefits to choosing a good car cover. Some of the benefits include protecting your vehicle against scratches, harsh weather conditions, dings and many more. Below is a guide on how to choose the best car. The tips include:

  1. Consider the type of car cover

One of the essential things to consider when choosing a car cover is the type. There are various types of car covers in the market, and you should choose the best as per your needs. Many people do not know the different kinds of car covers, and therefore they end up buying the wrong type. You need to know what type of car cover you need before going to any seller. If you need a car cover to help you prevent water from reaching your car, you need to choose a waterproof car cover. Some of the other common types of car cover include water-resistant covers, cotton covers, and many more.

  1. Where to use the car cover

You need to cover your car anywhere. That is because there is no perfect place where you can keep your vehicle and protect it fully without car cover. For instance, very many people do not cover their cars while they store them indoors. That is because they think that their vehicles are safe in their homes. You need to know that dust and other dirt particles can make the body of your vehicle appear old. Hence you need to buy an outdoor and indoor car cover to ensure that your car will be safe anywhere.

  1. The cover material

If you need to know the quality of the car cover, you need to know the material used first. If the material used is of high quality, definitely the cover will serve you for a long time. If you need to know if the cover is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, consider the material used. Various materials are used to make the car covers; if you want protection for indoor use in areas with very high temperatures, you should select covers made using breathable materials. Also, if you want a material to cover your car for a long time, you need to choose the one that fits the vehicle well. That is because you will not use the car anytime soon and therefore prevent all specks of dirt from reaching your car body by using sturdy material.

  1. Cover durability

Do you want a cover that will last for long? Then consider buying a cover that can withstand various conditions. There are some of the covers that are made using very quality material that cannot be affected by harsh conditions. Buy from the sellers who provide warranty for their covers. By choosing a durable cover, you will avoid the high cost of maintaining it. Therefore if you want to know the genuine sellers, consider things such as warranty, customer services, and many more. You can consider

  1. Consider price

Another essential thing to consider when choosing an excellent car cover is the price. Various sellers claim to sell quality car covers at varying prices. As the quality of the cover rise, the price also increases. Also, there are different quality covers you will find at a cost-friendly price. Therefore ensure the car cover does not cost you excessive amounts. If you are operating on a tight budget, ensure you choose the best quality from the seller who offers at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Car model

Not every car cover will fit your vehicle. Car covers are made depending on the car model they are going to cover. That is why you will find some covers fitting on a particular car well while on other vehicles will not. Always choose the cover that is designed for the model car that you have. Avoid buying covers that resemble your car model covers because some parts will not be covered entirely. You will find some vehicles that have unique specifications, and therefore they are not compatible with the other car covers. Some of the dangers of choosing a cover that is not designed for your particular car model include dangers of exposing some car parts to dangerous UV radiations, exposing your car to dirt, scratches, and other hazards.

Some of the other things you need to consider when choosing a good car cover are such as the cover thickness, the type of hazard and other accessories. The cover thickness will help you to know the level of protection that the cover will offer. If the car cover is very thick, the more it will provide the best protection. Very light coves can undergo wear and tear quickly. About other accessories, you need to check if the car cover has other accessories such as storage bags, lock, and others.

By considering the above-discussed tips on how to buying car covers, you will be able to select the best car cover.

Ketogenic Recipes – subway keto

It’s Sunday morning again and I’m looking on Instagram for fancy, ketogenic, recipes. Because if I like t do something on Sundays, then it is food . I came across the following recipe. Ketogenic subway keto. A ketogenic recipe of the extra class!

Here is more information about the ketogenic diet

Here is the whole post incl. Recipe for you:

“A new creation has gone through my head again, which of course I do not want to withhold from you. The story is actually a small one: you probably know the “2-ingredient pancakes” from banana and egg (I love bananas, but if you have something non-sweet, that’s just the wrong thing). So I decided to change the ingredient and have it with – Attention now! AVOCADO tasted – delicious! And looks interesting too!

In addition a delicious herbal quark with various vegetables and fried onions deliciously delicious that is shared in this article

That’s how it works:

Ingredients and preparation:

  • 1 avocado
  • some milk or water
  • 2 eggs – size M
  • different herbs

Purée everything and fry 1 tbsp in a pan for each pancake. “

For baking, I recommend you oil mill organic coconut oil .

So, have fun cooking and let it taste you!

I wish you a nice sunday and a powerful start in the week!

Ketogenes subway keto. Eat something?

A ketogenic breakfast – that means a complete breakfast without carbohydrates. Dast that possible? Yes! It is primarily about not only to structure his ketogenic breakfast low in carbohydrates, but also in the course of a ketogenic diet not to forget the Poteinzufur.

First of all, be aware of how your breakfast behavior has looked so far: toasted bread, cereal, corn flakes, and something sweetened to drink … Many people might be surprised how many carbohydrates such a breakfast stick contains. In addition to the clear (sweet food and drinks), the carbohydrates hide in foods such as whole milk (eg for the morning coffee) or yogurt.

Here you can find more information about the ketogenic diet:

Ketogenes breakfast without carbohydrates. Is that possible?

Toast with butter and jam or honey – yummy! But logically, it does not have too much to do with a ketogenic breakfast. Unless you would like to cite it as a negative example.

First of all, do not pay attention to what you have to do without breakfast during the ketogenic diet. Instead, focus on what you are allowed to eat.

I do it like this: My ketogenes breakfast consists of food without carbohydrates – when drinking but I treat myself an exception. There are, for example, scrambled eggs with tomato and ham, which you could already perform as a ketogenic breakfast. But there is coffee for me with some whole milk and sugar, during the morning sometimes two.

It is important to know what nutrients are in your breakfast at all. Many people do not know in which foods how much protein, fat or even carbohydrates are contained. Of course, this basic knowledge is elementary. For the ketogenic diet is not counting the calories. More specifically, it is important to know which foods are suitable for ketogenic breakfast without carbohydrates at all.

Here you will find next to the ideal ketogenic breakfast also ketogenes lunch, ketogenes dinner, and ketogenic snacks

Lots of fat and protein

For example, it is the case with chicken eggs that this is logically a good source of protein. That’s how many ketogenic breakfast recipes can be created, quite clearly. However, you should be a bit careful, because the main source of energy here is not protein, but the fat from the yolk.

It’s not easy, because pretty much everything that we usually have in this country has a lot of carbohydrates.

My ketogenic breakfast consists mainly of:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Fruit
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Vegetables
  • A nut mixture as a muesli set

Important things that you should consider before buying a mower

Mowers have made our work easier in gardening, landscaping and even yards. This is all thanks to technological advancement. Whether you are making your mower purchase from online stores or on-land, you will come across many mowers in the display. As much you will hear of many adverts and news about mowers, not all of us will know the right type of mower to buy when the buying part is finally ahead of us. When many people hear about mowers, all that comes in their mind is a machine that helps in the cutting of grass. That is partially the use of a mower. However, when the need to make your purchase comes, there are many things that you must consider before you even start looking for a store to make your purchase. Here are some of the things to consider

Your yard’s size

One thing that you should picture before you even think of buying a mower is the size of your yard or your terrain. Knowing your yard size itself is like a guide in helping discover the right mower for your needs. If your yard is big, what you should do is invest in a big as well as a heavy mower. If you have a small yard, a small mower can help solve all your problems. The same applies to your terrain. When you have flat terrain, a push mower can help solve your issues but if your terrain is uphill or not flat, a self-propelled mower such as commercial zero turn mower can help solve your problem.

The mower maintenance

Another thing that you must consider before you think of buying a mower is its maintenance. Before you even settle on a specific mower, make sure that the mower that you are about to purchase has spare parts in your nearby store. you do not have to end up with a mower with rare features and whose spare parts cannot be found in any ordinary store. it is good to be unique and complicated but sometimes you need to avoid all that because it can cost you much money and time. We all know that a mower is just a machine. After using the machine for some time, it will need spare parts replacement because of wear and tear. Since machines we introduced to the world, there has been no machine that has remained perfect forever. Therefore, before you even think of buying a mower, first make sure that its spare parts can easily be found in a nearby store.

The engine

Another thing that you should also look for is the engine type and what it uses. All mowers have engines. Therefore, when we are choosing a mower, we must consider its engine. If you are looking forward to using your mower in your garden, you can use any mower with any type of engine as many of them are designed to suit our daily mowing needs. If you are looking forward to buying a mower for business purposes, you should not take the engine factor lightly. Make sure that you are settling for a commercial zero turn mower that has engine type and size to suit your commercial mowing activities. For that, you can contact the manufacturer or even research different types of engines. If possible, let the manufacture make you a customized engine to suit your business mowing services.

The cost

Another thing that you should always consider is the price. Different mowers have different features that translate to different pricing. The different brands also make the price vary. Before you even think of looking for a mower dealer, first of all, come up with a budget. The budget should be what you are willing and able to spend without a struggle. Coming up with a budget will help you avoid overspending. Apart from that, setting up a budget will help you narrow down your search to a mower that will suit your needs and that you can afford easily.

The power supply

This is also another thing that you should never fail to check when you are buying a commercial zero turn mower. A mower can run on electricity or gas supply. Different people prefer different power supply and each one of them have their pros and cons. For those people who prefer long power and long duration, a gas-powered lawnmower can be the best option. Although gas supplied mower can offer you a long duration and more power, the gas supply is not easy to maintain. Gas-powered mowers also make much noise. When you choose an electric powered mower, you are in for less noise, less maintenance, and less longevity. Therefore, you should make your choice wisely as both of the mowers have their pros and cons.

The deck size

Another thing that you should never fail to check is the deck size. The deck size is simply the wideness of the blade. If you have a bigger blade, it means that you have a bigger deck as well. The size of the deck is known to range from twenty degrees to seventy degrees. The recommended deck size should range from thirty degrees to sixty degrees. The deck length or size is what determines the size or how much grass will be cut by your mower. Therefore, the deck size is a very important determinant in choosing a mower.

Want to know more about the culture?

Narco culture is something very popular and you will not have a problem. People love it; this is something that is growing with time. This is unique way of living life and if you want to do that then you can really enjoy and have a good time, you do not need to worry about anything.

narco culture is something that you need to do research about. Many people are very confused and are looking at solutions to get the job done. This is system that people love and you do need to think about any other thing at all. There are lots of people who understand this culture a great deal and that makes it a something very liked by one and all.

In this culture lots of people have been killed also and that is something that makes this very dangerous and makes the process much tough and one needs to be very sure of their safety as that will help you a lot. If not there could be some issue and you need to focus hard and look for solution and that makes the process much better.

This is something that is going to be loved by all age groups of people. It is something very important that we need to now, if you want more information you can continue reading and that makes it a process that is easier. This is something very different which is not generally seen by anything else. This is a unique experience for people who want to have a good time and enjoy life and once those d that then things become much more easily and there will be no problems. Since this is something very important, there is lots of brand which are coming into this and this is something that is growing a great deal, the process is here t stay and is growing by the day. Lots of people love it; it is a cloture that is really loved by one and all. This is trend which is very popular and that makes it a very simple.

There are people from various backgrounds who are participating in this and that is one of the major things that you need to keep track of. This is culture, that is very popular and people love it. This is something that is getting lots of liking with the young crowd and it is performing very well and you do not need to worry about anything. Make sure that you go in with narco culture, that helps you get things done, and you can enjoy your time here, it is something very unique, that you will like.

There are many options and you will be very happy to live in this. Media loves this and this is one of the best options, so you should be learning more on this and once that happens, then you cannot there lots of hype on this and this one is getting like by one and all. This is one of the best options and you can really enjoy time. This is something very positive and is going to give very good results and you can enjoy your time. narco glorification is something that is going on and one can really enjoy, you do not need to worry about anything. This is one of the best options.

This culture which is here to stay and give good amazing time to lots of people, there are lots of people who have made this a life to live with and one can completely enjoy their time making use of this. This is one of the best ways to enjoy and live and is not something similar to anything else. There are lots of people who are very confused and do not know how to go about this, there are many options and people are not sure, what is right for them or not. Make sure that you have the right kind of information about narco culture, this helps and makes the process much simpler and you will not have a problem.

This is culture whitish very unique and people will tend to enjoy this, infect people from all age groups completely have good time with this. It is an amazing way to live life and you can be completely sure that this will give you a great time and you do not need to worry about anything. This is something very clearly seen in media and people from various film industry has also depicted this well; this is something that is always showing an amazing lifestyle and that acts a great way to attract young people to this. There is not end to this it is expected to do well and give very good results. There are lots of people who are really going crazy with this, it is something great.

People can have a good time making use of this. It is something that is basically made up of narco world, which gives a good time. This is a lifestyle which s catching up and can give good results. Hollywood is something that keeps on promoting, this trend and this is something that has got a long way to go. People do not have any issues. This could be lots of fun and you will not have any issues, with things, there are many people who are very upset and not looking for any options with this culture. Since there is so much of choice we can decide whether we want to go for something or not.

This was a trend that was going on in 70s and 80s and now is catching up with things, there are lots of people who are looking for solutions, which can help one overcome the problems, and this is not something easy to do, as this is completely different from what is in the market and it is something that we generally love with.

What Makes Kodi to Stand out from the rest

When you are looking for software for your home theatre, the options which are available might leave you confused. There are those which you can navigate through efficiently while others are very complicated as you will learn at Most of them are available for free but you will find a few which you might be required to pay a premium price. Kodi tends to be different from the rest as it comes with an array of features which are powerful and it is also intuitive.

You will get Kodi free of charge. It came into existence about 15 years ago where it was known as Xbox Media Center. Since then, it has undergone various development supports and procedures a lot of today’s application.

Streaming live television

You might be wondering if the Kodi found at will be able to support live television streaming. It comes equipped with functions such as a personal video recorder which will allow you to store and record live content. But to ensure that the function works, you will have to connect it to the PVR with the TV backend server which streams television which is live and also stores and records live content. There are numerous backend PVR options with which the Kodi can comfortably work with but you will have to go for a choice which is right for you and which will operate the systems which are present on your individual device.

Replacing the cable

Kodi comes with all the features which enable it to be the better alternative to substitute your cable connection, such as the ability to record and stream live television and downloading the content of the house. But, it is not the better option when it comes to out of the box on-demand content, so if you are looking for these particular services, then it might not be best to choose Kodi.

Overview of add ons

When you talk about add-ons in the Kodi, they are just applications which extend the functionality of the software’s core. You will encounter various add-ons which you will be able to install in the Kodi that you get at to be able to help in ensuring that the application works perfectly to offer you with great live streaming services. There are a number of add-ons which you can get from the official repository but others can be gotten on the internet.

Kodi Skins

This is a unique feature which gives Kodi its appearance. There are various beautiful skins which are available. Same to the add-ons, you will also come across several skins which can be installed freely. Within the repository of the add-ons, you will get the display category that has several skins.

With the skins which are more popular, you will be able to facilitate the end-users to have the power to modify shortcuts, images, icons, and menus very fast. With that, you can make Kodi be able to look great which you can customize to your individual requirements.

Kodi Build

This is an important option which functions very fast within Kodi. Just a click, you can easily be able to install everything that you require such as setting, popular add-ons, electronic program guide, and skins. Once you have this option available on your device, you can be in a position to customize everything as per your preference. You have an option of going through different add-ons to choose the ones which you are interested in.

With the build, you will readily save time choosing and searching for those add-ons so that it functions as fast as possible. With the help of the build, you can be able to utilize Kodi to download and stream the content perfectly. Also, you will be able to view television shows and movies, under one roof without the need to go through the entire Kodi add-ons.

Kodi EPG

This is an electronic program guide which functions with the live TV add-ons which are normally installed in the system. It is similar to the program guides which come with the cable or dish services. Through this interface which is user-friendly, the function will allow you to view the present screens and the stream start. There is a variety of Add-ons for EPG available, but there will be a need for you to remember they all depend on the live TV add-ons.

The legality of Kodi

You might be wondering how legit is Kodi. It is very legal and when you download the app, you will not be crossing any legal boundaries. It can also be used very efficiently for other functions that you might find necessary. Some of the contents and add-ons which you will find on the Kodi could be rated as content which is pirated and most of the add-ons which the ISP gives are likely going to block the movies and stream television; this is something which is important to remember when you are installing the Kodi.

For you to avoid watching content which is pirated on your Kodi is to ensure that you install a VPN which is very strong and powerful for all your devices which you are going to use Kodi on. When you have a VPN like Nord VPN, it will be hard for ISP to block or track your content and thus, you will enjoy uninterrupted viewing of your movies and other television shows.

The Best Documentaries

The Best Documentaries

When it comes to reality and hard-hitting stories, the real deal comes from documentaries. Moviegoers and art lovers jointly love documentaries that help us get in touch with reality, as they talk about conditions and situations that happen around us. Documentaries are powerful, hard-hitting and intense at the same time. But if you are not a documentary person, then here are some of the best documentaries for you to start with.

Pina (2011)

Director Wim Wenders creates magic with every frame in this documentary about his friend Pina Bausch. She was an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer who faced an unexpected death during the production of this documentary. The rest of the members who knew the Pina, went ahead to share their thoughts on the documentary which features dance performances shot in 3D. It can be classified as a celebration of art and makes you wonder about a beautiful creation called the human body.

The Work (2017)

As part of the rehabilitation process, level four inmates of the Polson Prison meet for a three-day intensive group therapy session. The convicts reach deep inside one another, as they pay a visit to their past life that remains as the sole reasons for their violent behaviour. The documentary plays it well when it destroys the notions about masculinity through the character that it portrays. Certain moments are terrifying and heartbreaking, so missing this documentary might be a bad idea.


Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

We all know about the infamous life of Kurt Cobian. The singer was only 27 and was one of the world’s most famous musicians, and that was a compliment that Kurt wouldn’t have liked. Years after his tragic demise, this documentary tries to bring the world of Cobain through the words of his bandmates from Nirvana, his loved ones and his personal audio recordings. Apart from his music career, the documentary talks about his mental health, relationship with Courtney Love and his journey as an artist.

Man On Wire (2012)

James Marsh’s ‘Man On Wire” displays all you need to know about the world-famous Philippe Petit. The high wire artist took the world by storm when he walked across a wire between the world trade centres balancing himself over 1000 feet in the air. This particular documentary features his method and sense of planning, all before he opted to try this death-defying stunt. The members of his crew are also highlighted, as they go about setting up the wire for the act. With all the planning and the detailing, the documentary at times feels like a heist. It can also be looked upon as a portrait of the twin towers way before the attack on 9/11.

The Pirate Bay Court Case Is Over

The Pirate Bay Court Case Is Over

The Supreme Court decided not to grant the Pirate Bay founders an appeal leave, which means that the previous verdict of jail sentences and $6.8 million in damages will stand.

It also means that we can start planning the release of TPB AFK.

There is still much work left however. Right now we’re half way through the edit. We hope to have a roughcut ready by summer and do the post production, sound editing and music after that.

Hopefully we can premiere the film on a film festival and on the internet simultaneously, probably sometime late 2012.

Thanks for your patience!

Why I Chose Creative Commons for TPB AFK

Why I Chose Creative Commons for TPB AFK

To share the film will benefit me as a filmmaker

I’m privileged to have found my dream job. I make documentaries because that’s what I love doing and I think stories, occasionally, can change peoples’ perception of the world. But also to pay rent, travel and afford my great workaholic slacker life. The more people that see my work, the greater the impact of the film. The more people discuss the future of the internets the better for us all. By sharing the film for free I’m also spreading my name, which I believe will help me finance my future films. Furthermore I believe the film will sell better if I make it available on the many platforms people want to consume it on – even if I give it away for free.

You don’t need permission to copy and share my film. But you can’t make money off it

The documentary TPB AFK:The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard is a film about internet culture – and inevitably about sharing information online. The nature of the problem in the documentary is the paradigm shift of the internet, where the possibility to share information is out of sync with the right to share information. By using a Creative Commons license I am making it legal for the audience to copy and share the film.

Creative Commons licenses are created to help people share culture on the internet

Creative Commons does not substitute Copyright, it is based on Copyright. Instead of saying “All Rights Reserved”, it gives creators a tool to say “Some Rights Reserved”. This allows musicians, writers or filmmakers like myself to decide how people may use their work by choosing between a few licenses. I have chosen the license Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs which means that people can copy and distribute the film for non commercial purposes, as long as they attribute it to our production company Nonami and don’t remix it.

When partnering with 6 TV-networks it was important to secure that competing channels weren’t allowed to air the film. The Non-Commercial clause solves that. The clause is problematic however, since it also automatically classifies many small independent blogs that use google adwords as commercial. Therefore I have added a clause that let’s me waive the Non-Commercial term on the condition that such a waiver does not infringe the broadcasters TV-rights.

Our Crowd Funding Campaign

Our Crowd Funding Campaign

A week ago we successfully finished our crowd funding campaign at kickstarter. We raised 51424 USD from 1737 backers. Yes, that’s about 29 dollars per backer.

During our one month adventure we had over 400 000 unique visitors from more than 170 countries checking out our campaign. I had no idea we had support from Honolulu and Curitiba to Jakarta and Novosibirsk. Now that I now, it’s hard to stop smiling.

In court it’s been a hectic week filming. In the new Swedish court system you are not allowed to enter any new evidence in the Court of Appeal. So we are watching videos from the interrogations done in the District Court last year.

Watching the absent Anakata answering questions on a screen in court felt like watching the extra material of the film I’m making. Which is almost as meta as Tiamo wearing a t-shirt with the cover artwork of the film while I’m shooting it.

Episode 3 of A Swedish Perspective is finally up. Animating by hand takes time so bear with us, the last two episodes are coming soon.

Saludos from the balcony where the kickstarter campaign was made!