When it comes to reality and hard-hitting stories, the real deal comes from documentaries. Moviegoers and art lovers jointly love documentaries that help us get in touch with reality, as they talk about conditions and situations that happen around us. Documentaries are powerful, hard-hitting and intense at the same time. But if you are not a documentary person, then here are some of the best documentaries for you to start with.

Pina (2011)

Director Wim Wenders creates magic with every frame in this documentary about his friend Pina Bausch. She was an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer who faced an unexpected death during the production of this documentary. The rest of the members who knew the Pina, went ahead to share their thoughts on the documentary which features dance performances shot in 3D. It can be classified as a celebration of art and makes you wonder about a beautiful creation called the human body.

The Work (2017)

As part of the rehabilitation process, level four inmates of the Polson Prison meet for a three-day intensive group therapy session. The convicts reach deep inside one another, as they pay a visit to their past life that remains as the sole reasons for their violent behaviour. The documentary plays it well when it destroys the notions about masculinity through the character that it portrays. Certain moments are terrifying and heartbreaking, so missing this documentary might be a bad idea.


Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

We all know about the infamous life of Kurt Cobian. The singer was only 27 and was one of the world’s most famous musicians, and that was a compliment that Kurt wouldn’t have liked. Years after his tragic demise, this documentary tries to bring the world of Cobain through the words of his bandmates from Nirvana, his loved ones and his personal audio recordings. Apart from his music career, the documentary talks about his mental health, relationship with Courtney Love and his journey as an artist.

Man On Wire (2012)

James Marsh’s ‘Man On Wire” displays all you need to know about the world-famous Philippe Petit. The high wire artist took the world by storm when he walked across a wire between the world trade centres balancing himself over 1000 feet in the air. This particular documentary features his method and sense of planning, all before he opted to try this death-defying stunt. The members of his crew are also highlighted, as they go about setting up the wire for the act. With all the planning and the detailing, the documentary at times feels like a heist. It can also be looked upon as a portrait of the twin towers way before the attack on 9/11.